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Electrical Panel Tips

Hello everyone, I’m Pierre and I’m with Overview Property Inspection. I want to give you guys a tip regarding electrical panels. Okay you are out house hunting and you are considering buying an investment property perhaps it has an existing suite in it, or perhaps you...

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Is an Electrical Panel Allowed in a Bathroom?

Good morning everyone! It's Pierre with Overview Property Inspection! Who wants to play trivial pursuit? Let's test your knowledge. Is an electrical panel allowed in a bathroom?   Right Tools! Right Training! The Right Choice! See you on your next inspection!...

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When was the last time you checked your sump pump?

Hey everyone it's Pierre with Overview Property Inspection here's a friendly reminder before the spring thaw make sure you are attending to your sump pump, you don't want it to end up like this one. This pump has failed and they would have had a flood come springtime...

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Will Your Home Inspector Do This?

Overview Property Inspections Weekly Tips! Will your home inspector do this? You will notice that the shingles on the front of the house are in good condition while the shingles on the north elevation are deteriorating. Ask your home inspector will they go above and...

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Tenant Screening

How important is the screening process when it comes to new tenants? What steps do you take to protect your investment?This video is for all you landlords out there. Make sure you're selecting your tenants properly. If a tenant really wants an air conditioner they may...

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Tip-Tuesday: Winter Safety

Who's excited about the white stuff frankly I am stoked. My kids this morning were looking out the windows saying look outside, look outside so they're excited too. This morning I was talking to a gentleman out of North Carolina in Asheville and he had mentioned that...

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Tip-Tuesday: Lint Traps

A friendly reminder to everyone to make sure you are properly cleaning out your lint traps on your dryers. We should be cleaning them after every use and let's not forget about the dryer duct. Dryer ducts should be cleaned at least once a year better approach is twice...

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Tip Tuesday – Rotting Roof

Good morning everyone it's Pierre with Overview Property Inspection. I’m in the field today we are inspecting a roof for a client and from the road, it looks good however upon closer observation this is what we found. We got a brand-new roof you start looking closely...

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Tip Tuesday – Foundation Cracks

  Good morning everyone it's Pierre, here with Overview Property inspection I want to talk to you guys about foundation cracks the ever-evolving technologies that we have in the industry. Let me show you a couple of things that we're observing at this particular...

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Tip Tuesday – Functional Triangle

Hey everyone, it's Pierre with Overview Property Inspection When you are house hunting, people often look in the kitchen and ensure that there is a functional triangle. Okay, so that would involve looking at where your sink, stove, and refrigerator are located. Well,...

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