Hey everyone its Pierre, with Overview Property Inspection, I wanted to share with you guys an inspection that we did last week, so a young couple hired us to perform an inspection for them on a brand new home and so upon completion, we had a deficiencies list of 32 items not to mention there is cement yes concrete in the sewer line now don’t ask me how it got there but I’ve got the video should anyone challenge me on that. Anyhow, the reason for the video is you need to hire someone even on new construction okay and so you want to hire someone that has construction experience. I am a carpenter by trade and own a construction company, I know construction in and out. But if it’s not Overview and its someone else make sure that they’re qualified and able to explain the systems and components within the home. Okay number two, have a sewer scope performed very important okay as I shared concrete in the sewer line okay we see it time and time again where there’s problems with the new sewer line in new construction now of course old construction you can expect you know your typical tree root infiltration little things like that of course but new construction should be defect free with the sewer line. Well what happens is as they backfill the trench generally speaking they should be doing in 12 inch lifts okay what that means is installing 12 inches of soil packing it 12 inches of soil packing and so forth until the trench is full well I’ve seen it firsthand where the backhoe will come in and fill the trench at one drop and so as their backfilling you can imagine the buckets dumping all the soil and it’s putting thousands and thousands of pounds of pressure on that pipe and so as a result your sewer line starts to do this called sags or bellies okay and so if you’re buying a brand new build and you’re the one with the sewer line and you don’t know about it who’s responsible later on you are. So for the cost that is associated with the sewer scope and knowing the condition of it before the condition is in your best interest now not every sewer line with sags need to be repaired immediately of course you know you’ve got depends on the severity but at least you’ll know the condition of it okay if there is problems with it you’re able to either be proactively monitoring that sewer line or maybe you’re doing the adjustments on your purchase or if it’s severe you have it fixed entirely right okay so for the monetary value it’s not very much in my opinion anyhow if you want a home inspector that I will go to bat look after your best interest and knows construction and can perform sewer scope for you make sure you reach out to us at 780-716-0752 and again you got to follow us on Facebook for our weekly tips and maintenance until next time Pierre with Overview Property Inspection.