Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone!

Be sure to make that small investment and get an inspector in that has your best interest in mind.

New or Old all homes require an experienced set of eyes with the right tools and equipment to help you see the overall picture of that home you are looking to purchase.

Get that inspection and be confident with your purchase so that you are not left with unforeseen repairs/expenses.

Hey everyone it is Pierre, with Overview Property Inspection we are doing a one-year anniversary inspection for a client the house where we are inspecting is a very reputable builder. The builder is probably one of my favorites in the city to be truthful, however, there’s no such thing as perfect in construction and to think so is little naïve.

Now, let me show you what is going on inside this attic space now we find ourselves on a home with a front attached garage inside the attic. So, if we look at the roof sheathing and also the insulation we’ve got some moisture now the root cause appears to be from a lack of a kick-out flashing.

Kick-out flashing is designed to be installed along the roof perimeter whenever you’ve got a roof that is abutting a wall assembly, okay so as the water goes down the wall it will divert the water back into the gutters okay so you got one condition that’s going on within this attic space most builders are installing half-pound spray foam, generally speaking, they’re putting four inches and then calling it a day.

Well however this builder is putting closed cell which I love however if you look at the water some those two water lines right there this is an attic space and they are exposed to the cold it doesn’t take very long for water to start bursting however with PEX it’ll allow for a little bit of play and also expansion and contraction however this is a brand new build half-million dollars on the line here okay.

Then as we look further into on the joist assembly we’ve got some mold or suspected microbial growth growing on there this is a one-year-old build. Okay so for those of you that don’t think you need an inspection on a brand new build well you’ve got your answer here’s another telltale indicator as to why you should consider it.

Okay if you want a home inspector that will go above and beyond and look after your best interest Pierre, with Overview. I look forward to helping you with your inspection guys talk soon!

Right Tools, Right Training, The Right Choice!

Pierre Papineau


Overview Property Inspection


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