Hey everyone its Pierre with Overview Property Inspection does your home inspector or prospective service provider use thermal image cameras with all of their inspections? Well, we try to and the reason we try to is because it helps you as a consumer make an informed decision. You are buying an asset that’s you know two three four five hundred thousand dollars, and you want to make sure that the guy that you are hiring has this at their disposal and the reason why it is important you will notice on the floor that we got a weak spot well what could that possibly be let me show you another area where we got an outlier at the back step if I did not use this thermal image camera I would have missed two registers that the flooring contractor went over with the flooring. Now I see this more than I would like to admit but nonetheless make sure that you are acquiring with service provider do they use this and do they even have one? A good question to ask! If you want a home inspector that will look out for your best interest reach out to us at 780-716-0752! Right Tools Right Training, The Right Choice! See you on your next inspection.
Pierre Papineau
Overview Property Inspection