As we gear up for spring, we must ensure our homes are ready for the change in seasons.

One crucial aspect often overlooked is checking our combustion air intakes. Before we start enjoying the warmer weather, inspecting these intakes, especially for unwanted guests like insects, particularly wasps, who might have built nests during the winter months is vital.
Here’s a quick checklist to keep your combustion air intakes¬†clear and your heating system running smoothly:

Visual Inspection:

Look around the combustion air intake vents for any signs of nests, debris, or blockages.


Make enough space around the intake vents for proper airflow. Trim back any vegetation or remove obstacles that could hinder ventilation.

Debris Removal:

If you spot any debris, such as leaves or twigs, carefully remove them from the intake area.

Check for Nests:

Be cautious when inspecting for nests, especially those belonging to wasps. If you find one, it’s best to seek professional help to remove it safely.

Inspect Filters:

If your system has air filters, check and replace them if needed. Clogged filters can restrict airflow, affecting your system’s efficiency.

Schedule Maintenance:

Consider booking a professional maintenance check for your heating system. This check should include a thorough inspection of combustion air intakes.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure your combustion air intakes are clear, allowing your heating system to operate safely and efficiently as we transition into spring.
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