Happy Tip Tuesday! My name is Pierre and I’m with overview property inspection. I just arrived only to realize that it is gnarly cold outside and it’s only going to get worse tomorrow we are expecting minus 27 or so.

This video is for you landlords that are trying to sell your property and the house is vacant. Why would a home inspector do a video on this? I’ll show you why, see this gas meter, it’s been locked out by the local utility. Given how cold it is today and how cold it will be tomorrow it won’t take long for the pipes inside this building to freeze. We have all heard about those horror stories, make sure you’re not one of them.

Anyhow make sure you follow up on your properties whether vacant or occupied reach out to your tenants make sure your furnaces are working as they should, and do your maintenance. I think this owner is going to be lucky given that they booked the inspection today we were actually supposed to do it later in the week but we had an opening so we might have just saved this investor a lot of money and potential insurance claim look after your property guys.


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See you on your next inspection!

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