Hello everyone I’m Pierre with Overview Property Inspection, I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp autumn air that’s upon us. In the next coming weeks, I’m going to share with you guys a couple of videos for you to be aware of when you’re doing a walkthrough with your builder on new construction.

Today we’re going to talk about HRV systems (heat recovery ventilators) essentially what they’re designed to do is to ensure that you have proper ventilation inside the house on occasion they’ll be tied into the bathroom system to extract the humidity levels outside of the bathrooms so this is what I want you guys to keep an eye on when you’re doing your walkthrough with your builder.

An HRV system will have two exterior exhaust hoods one which is designed for the exhaust portion and will have a louver the other one will have an opening with a screen so while you’re doing your initial walkthrough with your builder what you’re going to want to do is test the HRV system press the button make sure it turns on.

Okay, we did just that with this particular inspection, and the exhaust hoods have been installed backward’s so the intake is the exhaust and there’s forced-air coming out and this exhaust hood has a louver that prevents the actual air from going in.

Why is this a concern? Well, with new construction, new building products will have VOCs off-gassing so essentially it’s volatile organic compounds okay so imagine this you buy an 800 000 house and you’ve got all this off-gassing occurring with cabinets, flooring, paint, framing materials, adhesives, you name it okay and for the last 365 days you’ve inhaled this okay now, of course, this can affect your health.

So we’re doing a one-year anniversary inspection on this particular build and there are areas of concern with indoor air quality because there are areas it looks like there’s mold that is growing on the wall because of ventilation concerns.

Do you think it’s important for you to have a home inspection done for a fee of roughly 500 bucks for your health? Well, these are some of the key components that we ensure that is properly done when we’re assessing your home so if you need a home inspection company that will go above and beyond reach out to Overview Property Inspection. Again ask yourself this question is it the builder’s best interest to look after these small concerns.

Well perhaps, perhaps not, and another question I want you to ask is if this house was inspected by the municipal building inspector how did this go under the radar? Well, that’s another question for you to answer anyhow we’ll see you guys soon stay tuned for the next video.

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Pierre Papineau

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