​Hey everyone, it’s Pierre, with Overview Property Inspection we are performing an inspection today and I want to show you guys a few things to look out for. Does your basement have white efflorescence along the perimeter or on the basement slab one thing you want to look out for is to ensure that your sump pumps properly working and so whenever you’ve got this condition it’s vindictive dictate of moisture in and around your basement so you want to make sure that you’re managing water and especially testing your sump pump and so as we test the slab with our moisture meter you’ll see it’s elevated it’s not uncommon to have concrete with an elevated moisture but reading at 100% when you’ve got new construction you know there could be a couple things one that there’s no poly installed which is requirement but we also know that the sump pump isn’t working. So make sure you’re testing your sump pump a quick way to test your sump would be to just lift up this float and as you can see it’s plugged in and it’s not operational so we’ll call for a plumber to come and service this sub basin. Anyhow if you’re in the need of a property inspection we can be reached directly at 780-716-0752 and of course follow us on Facebook for weekly tips and maintenance.