Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone from Overview Property Inspection.
Importance of having the roof inspected!
We did an inspection of a magnificent house that was listed at 1.5 million.
No matter the sale price, all properties need an inspection.
At Overview Property Inspection we gain access to the roof in the wintertime.
We broom off sections to evaluate some areas to gain an overall feel of what the roof condition is like.
We recently did a commercial building. The client did their due diligence and hired two inspection companies to complete their inspection. The other company decided not to go on the roof and as a result, they missed a significant flaw in the roofing assembly. We went on the roof and we were able to save the client eighty-two thousand dollars in roof cost replacement because we up on the roof to inspect it for our clients.
See you on your next inspection.
Pierre Papineau
Overview Property Inspection
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