Hey everyone it’s Pierre with Overview we are approaching winter time and so a couple of maintenance tips you are going to want to do prior to the snowfall number one you want to winterize your exterior hose bib if you have an older property you want to make sure that you isolate the water on the interior and drain the exterior hose bibs number two if you have an air conditioner make sure you are installing your air conditioner covers number three if you have trees growing out of your gutters you are going to want to clean your gutters and if you don’t effectively clean the gutters what happens is the snow and ice accumulates in the gutters and ice will form around the perimeter and could go back up the shingles underneath leading to moisture intrusion make sure you review those things and I hope everyone has a good winter! If you need an inspection reach out to us at 780-716-0752. Right Tools, Right Training, The Right Choice!
Pierre Papineau
Overview Property Inspection