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It is Pierre with Overview Property Inspection we did an inspection on a house on South Side and a common condition I want to bring to your attention if you ever have a renovation done or a new furnace installed. You will want to make sure that you look out for these things. Next to the gas meter there is a fresh air intake and this unit here is called the purge valve/gas regulator and it also allows the natural gas to expel if there is ever too much pressure in the system. If that does occur what will happen is as the natural gas leaves the bottom of the purge valve/gas regulator it could go into the fresh air intake creating an unwanted condition or safety hazard within the home. Another common condition that we see is furnaces installed without permits you will notice the separation in this video between the window now depending on the BTU if it’s a hundred thousand or greater you need a three-foot clearance from an openable window. There are requirements for less BTU to be less of clearance but the best way to know is by looking at the manufacturer’s installation manual this will tell you the exact clearance requirements. If you need a home inspector to look after your best interest whether it’s commercial or residential reach out to us at Overview Property Inspection I look forward to seeing you on the next inspection.

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