Hey everyone its Pierre with Overview Property Inspection we are updating one of our rental units inspection and I want to talk to you guys about over the range microwave okay we’ve got this new kitchen and I want to be clear with this okay this is a filter that is to be used in conjunction with the exhaust system now it’s only required to have this if you are recirculating the air what I mean by that is what happens when your cooking the air goes through these filters there’s usually a few of them and then the air will come back out to the exhaust through the top okay this helps capture the grease and also the cooking smells in the home. They do require their periodic maintenance so refer to their installation manual for their specific maintenance/schedule but it’s always best practice to exhaust to the outside. I always tell clients that is the best approach but that’s not always practical for multiple reason structures in the way you know you can’t get access whatever the case but we often do inspections where this filter is missing okay make sure that you have a look to ensure that this filter is installed if you’re recirculating the air. If you want a home inspector that will go above and beyond and look after your best interest and is currently doing and maintaining properties of their own portfolio reach out to us at Overview Property Inspection let’s have a discussion about what your inspection needs are if you’re looking for a Residential or Commercial inspector, Overview Property Inspections, we will see on the next tip.
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