Hey everyone its Pierre with over property inspection we are doing an infill here in the heart of the city and we are doing a sewer scope for the client now we often get asked is should we be doing a sewer scope inspection let me show you why you should be we do a lot and from time to time we will do new infills and it doesn’t seem to amaze me the stuff we are finding with new builds you can see that this line has tree infiltration now this is the house that doesn’t even have its occupancy sticker on it yet okay and you will notice there is some fractures and cracks at the bottom of line so what happens is the contractor will tie into the old storm connection and without a sewer scope you have no way of knowing that you are buying this $800,000 house and you’ve got an old drain. So do you need is a sewer scope absolutely. If you want a home service provider that I can do that for you reach out to us at overview property inspection and we’ll see on the next inspection. Right Tool! Right Training! The Right Choice!
Pierre Papineau
Overview Property Inspection