Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone!

Are you wondering if you should possibly skip the home inspection on a property you are currently pending on? Or are you considering skipping your 11-month warranty? We want all of you to know some of the steps we are taking in relation to COVID 19 so that you don’t feel your only option is to opt-out of your inspection. We invest our time for the safety of our clients, community and referral partners.

Therefore we have completed a COVID-19 safety course.

• Should our clients not feel comfortable attending the inspection we will be available for a video chat or phone call to answer any questions and to review the findings of the report.
• We will wear a combination of personal protective equipment (including gloves, and masks, etc.)
• We will use hand sanitizer and will wash our hands frequently using our towels.
• We will not be shaking hands, fist pumps or elbow bumps
• We will not commence the inspection should we have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath
• We recommend Real estate agents and our clients to ask the home occupants if anyone in the house to be inspected has flu-like symptoms including a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. If so we will help coordinate an inspection at a different time.
• We inquire with our clients if they have any awareness that they have been exposed to COVID 19 and/or are showing any symptoms of illness.
• We will be available by phone and/or video conference following the inspection for any follow-up questions.

By following the above and working together we can continue to provide exceptional inspections while protecting our clients, employees, real estate agents, and the home occupants.

We also want you to know to skip the inspection might be something that you consider doing to cut costs but remember the inspection will save you in years to come where skipping the inspection will only save you money presently and leave you paying the cost with the unforeseen issues to be discovered as they continue to show up.
Right Tools! Right Training! The Right Choice!

Pierre Papineau
Owner/Certified Property Inspector
Overview Property Inspection
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