Hey everyone, Pierre with Overview Property Inspection we are doing a post inspection for client that bought these skinnies behind me and so I want to recap from last couple weeks ago so originally, we had the overhead service in direct contact with the roof of course but EPCOR was nice enough to relocate that wire for us client if you’re watching this video keep an eye on that wire the overhead service indirect contact with that tree just to recap the last video was about decks okay the Builder has installed new beams because the cantilever exceeded 24 inches and then also the cantilever exceeded 16 inches on the beam ends. Ok I think was like 3 or 4 feet somewhere in that area anyhow we had the client forward us the compliance certificate okay see compliant certificate for those of you who are unfamiliar with a compliant certificate essentially what happens is you have a surveyor come out and do a site plan RPR and then from there that gets submitted to the city, the city will review that site plan and ensure that the structures have been permitted and that they meet the Current bylaws and so forth so it’s subject to the garage, the deck ,the house okay now we’ve got the certificate saying that the city’s inspected this structure on both okay so a few things this pier is leaning quite a bit now probably not a concern today but as the ground moves and shifts and freezes you can expect that to be a problem now so what I want to show you as you can see we know from the previous inspection that the beam cannot exceed 16 inches well we’re sitting at about 26 27 on center now obviously concern or doesn’t meet building code I should say and then as you can see here I can stick my hand underneath the pier now a few other things to mention is whenever you’ve got a three-ply beam it should be resting on a six by six to ensure you have a continuous transfer of weight right now s you can see here half of it is missing a meet those joints well if we’ve got compliance certificate from the city saying that this decks been inspected how can we have this many concerns well let me tell you if you’re walking service from for the deck from here to grade is less than 24 inches it’s not subject to city inspection how can that be you’re buying a six seven hundred or even eight hundred thousand dollar house and the deck wasn’t inspected well you want a home inspector that knows the building code well we don’t recite the building code it’s very important for you to be familiar with it and so if you hire someone that has been in the retail industry for years and then all of a sudden become a home inspector how can you expect them to have this experience so very important that you hire someone that has trade experience well I’m not against learning on the job because as you do an apprenticeship you learn on the job I sure is how wouldn’t want to be paying someone five hundred dollars to be learning on the job especially when you’re paying six seven eight hundred thousand dollars for a home okay so very important for you guys to remember that anyhow if you need an inspection where your home inspectors got the experience in the trenches firsthand and will look after your best interest make sure you reach out to us 780-716-0752 follow us on Facebook and I’ll see you on the next home inspection Overview Property Inspection.