Hey everyone, it’s Pierre here with Overview Property Inspection we are doing an inspection on a 1970 side-by-side duplex and as we were reviewing the electrical system, we saw that we had modern decor style outlets. These types of outlets are not designed to be used in conjunction with aluminum wiring. These outlets are only actually rated for copper, if you have a 1970 house make sure that you have the proper outlets and switches installed.

If you do have aluminum and are using these types of outlets you must make sure that the connection points are pigtailed. So, pig tailing essentially entails having a connection point that transitions from the aluminum to copper. You also must be mindful about the proper marrettes and you need an oxidation piece that is installed between the connection points. The reason for this is because the aluminum and copper will expand and contract at different rates thus you want to make sure that you’re not getting any arching between the connection points.

As a reminder, it is a good idea to bring an electrician in periodically to make sure that your breakers are properly torqued with aluminum wiring as they will expand and contract. Make sure you look after your best interest. If you need a property inspection to reach out to us at Overview Property Inspection.

We will see you soon guys!

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