Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! Hired a professional but is it done right?


Hey, everyone, it’s Pierre with Overview Property Inspection, I find myself on a roof today yes not inspecting we’re installing shingles. I’m re-roofing one of our rental properties and we built this addition about five years ago. I’m trying to tie in the new roof which is on this side to the old roof okay now it takes a little bit more effort when you’re tying old with new of course. The reason for the video is I would like to talk to you guys about the importance of selecting the proper service provider or home inspector.

Now, I think it’s very important for you to hire a property inspector with construction experience if you hire someone that doesn’t have the background or the incline to learn building techniques how do you know they’re properly inspecting a home that you’re going to purchase. I want to share a story first we recently inspected a colleague of mine in St. Albert and they had a brand new roof installed they paid thousands of dollars for the install. The product number one wasn’t installed according to spec, number two it was poorly done and what does that mean to you potential leaks.

I am going to share with you a couple of examples of what they did on that particular job and I’ll post some other videos to show you guys firsthand. Essentially what they did on a few things is this, this is called an underlayment okay called peel and stick this product here so this particular product is designed to be installed at the lower course of the roof and it’s self-adhering okay now that’s the first defect that we observed there are areas where they had no underlayment some areas they had synthetic all the way down.

A couple of other things they had a starter strip, a starter strip is designed to be installed along the lower perimeter of the roof and what it does is as you nail it down there is a bonding strip here okay so as you nail down the starter strip the lower course of the shingles will naturally adhere to this tar strip. Okay well what they did at this particular roof job was they installed it upside down and so they nailed it like this and the bottom course the shingle wasn’t properly secured anymore or will never be.

Of course, you can easily fix it but should have been done properly from the get-go. The way the construction industry works is if you’ve got a major roofing contractor what they’ll do is they’ll sub out some of the work to independent guys, okay and they generally work based on piecework now if you’ve got a guy that’s working on piecework he’s going to do his darndest to complete that job as quickly as he possibly can now this will entail cutting corners, also the less product he has to buy the higher his margins pretty simple stuff.

So if you’re hiring someone is it a good idea to hire someone to review their work? Well, I think it is because we come across as day in and day out and you need to be familiar with proper building techniques. We all have our niche, now I’m not an expert at every subject of course, however, I am blessed to have a team of experts. I’ve got the contractors at my disposal if I’m unaware of something I’ve got my plumbers, I’ve got my electricians, I’ve got just an arsenal of people that I can consult with too if I’m unsure of something it just a text away/phone call. Make sure that you’re hiring the right people that will look after your best interest.

This is something we strive to do with Overview and if you’re purchasing a property be sure to reach out to Overview Property Inspection I look forward to helping you with your transaction guys!

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