Does your property inspector use thermal image on every inspection? Are you getting the most out of your inspection to assure your investment whether it is commercial or residential is protected? Feel confident with your purchase with a thorough inspection!

​Hey everyone Pierre, with Overview Property Inspection, let’s talk about thermal image cameras for a second does your home inspector use thermal imaging on all their inspections there is a lot of times where we find active leaks whether it be from the foundation or from plumbing sources that we would have been unable to identify without the use of a thermal image camera. If you see as we scan this home we found some traces of water in the basement a little hard to mirror up the quality of the image but you’ll see those blue areas that have been vindictive of moisture and so what we did is we confirmed it with our moisture meter and so it’s very important if you’re hiring an inspector whether it’s your commercial building or your residence that they use a thermal image. There’s a lot of things that can go undiscovered this tool will also help you identify any anomalies in the installation now we don’t do a full thermal scan of the entire house with your general home inspection but we can do that service should you want to find out what your envelope is. So, make sure you ask that question to your home inspector do they include thermo image on their home inspections and if you want a home inspector that I go above beyond and look after your best interest whether it be residential or commercial reach out to us at 780-716-0752 again follow us on Facebook and we’ll see on the next inspection Pierre, at Overview Property Inspection.