Hey everyone, Pierre, with Overview Proper Inspection here we are performing an inspection and we are walking the roof covering of a Two Story home I want to ask guys does your home inspector walk the roof surface? It’s very important that he does it helps you identify any potential concerns with your new purchase. Now I want to share with you guys something to keep on your radar that’s to do with plumbing vents so it’s not uncommon for your plumbing vents to have sediment and debris forming in them and so you want to make sure that you are inspecting them annually and one quick test you can do to help you determine if there is some clogging is flush your toilet a couple times and try to identify any bubbles that’s in the line and so if you do have bubbles you might have a blocked vent. Then as far as for the sinks what you can do is fill up a sink with a little bit of water pull the plug and then if you do have bubbling you may have an obstruction in the vent okay so if you do suspect you do reach out to a plumber they can help you repair that concern and if you need an inspection and one that your home inspector is going to look after your needs and try to walk your roof surface on a two-story reach out to us at 780-716-0752 and of course you got to follow us on Facebook for weekly tips and maintenance.