Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! What will happen if laminate is installed over a carpet under pad?

Hey everyone it’s Pierre, with Overview Property Inspection I want to take a minute to acknowledge my referral partners out there and the reason I’m doing this is because we were booked solid last week and we are booked solid next week and we’re already starting to book a little bit into the following week so much appreciation much love thank you so much.

The reason for the video this week is I want to talk about laminate flooring. Okay, we are doing an inspection in Summerside and the listing sheet says brand-new flooring throughout that’s perfect I love that. However, the first step I took onto this laminate flooring I noticed a lot of deflection in the floor so that makes me kind of you know a little bit on edge. So, the first thing I do is go to the floor register and be sure to remove the cover and what do you see for your floor layers and you’ll know exactly what this is well this new laminate flooring has been installed underneath a carpet sorry over top of a carpet under pad you cannot install laminate on top of a under pad made for carpet and the reason for that is the laminate flooring is designed to be installed over a solid surface to ensure minimal deflection.

If you walk on laminate which is on top of carpet under pad what happens is all these joints will take the weight of whatever’s on it or if you walk on it eventually all the joints will tend to separate leading to floor failure. So, here you are buying a brand new or a newer property with brand new floors and a couple years from now you’re going to have to spend some money to replace it. So, if you want a home inspector that looks after your best interest reach out to us at Overview Property Inspection. Again thank you very much to our referral partners out there I appreciate the love and we’ll see you soon guys! Right Tools Right Training, The Right Choice! Overview Property Inspection!

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