Your itemized list has been submitted to the seller to have repaired/addressed prior to possession do you need to double-check that it’s completed?

Good morning everyone, it’s Pierre with Overview Property Inspection, I wanted to do a follow-up video we posted a video a couple of weeks ago about how the contractor installed the roof vents but never cut out the roof sheeting underneath.

This won’t allow for proper venting and essentially they just put these false roof vents on just to make it look like they came back and fixed it. Well, we are doing a follow-up inspection from the addendum so the purchasers have given us a list to review, and here the addendum had 30 plus items for us to re-evaluate and I would surmise 60 to 70 of the items on that list of the 30 items were not completed either according to spec or industry standards.

 So, here you are an out-of-town investor and you’re spending four or five hundred thousand dollars on investment property and you’re counting on the sellers or your contractors to ensure that the work’s done accordingly.  A couple of things that you may want to consider having done,

1: Verify the work that has been done that’s been completed, 

2: Request a written receipt that the work has been completed so that way you’ve got documentation if anything were to occur you’ve got proper notes.

3: Hire Overview to reinspect the work that’s been completed.

Okay, now I run into this more than I’d like to admit it’s sad in a sense because we are relying on each other to complete things as we expect and however they’re not you got to look after yourself and you got to look after your best interest now with Overview I do my best to ensure that you’re looked after so if you need a home inspection or a commercial inspection reach out to us at Overview I look forward to helping you guys and we’ll talk soon!


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