Hey everyone it’s Pierre with Overview Property Inspection I want to remind you guys to maintain your hot-water heaters some of you guys may be scratching your head saying what hot water heaters have maintenance to do of course and I’ll tell you why, it’s not uncommon with our water supply to have a lot of calcium buildup on the TPR Valve. By flushing out the hot water heater annually this will help get rid of any of the sediment that accumulates on the bottom and then also by replacing the TPR or exercising your TPR periodically it doesn’t allow it to seize up. If you don’t exercise it as I say you will get calcium and then eventually you will have to replace the whole unit. Now it’s also a good idea to replace the anode rod located on the top of the tank those should be replaced annually if not every couple of years as a preventative measure. There is another component inside the tank where there is a dip tube that goes from the cold water supply right to the bottom of tank they do deteriorate as well make sure to keep an eye on that. If you need any advice with your home maintenance yes of course your home needs maintenance there’s no such things as a maintenance-free home it doesn’t matter if it’s new you’ve got ongoing maintenance if you want to talk about maintenance reach out to Pierre with Overview Property Inspection let’s have a discussion if you need a home inspector or commercial property inspector 780-716-0752 we’ll see you on the next inspection.

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