Who’s excited about the white stuff frankly I am stoked. My kids this morning were looking out the windows saying look outside, look outside so they’re excited too.

This morning I was talking to a gentleman out of North Carolina in Asheville and he had mentioned that the weather is actually 46 degrees Fahrenheit so a little bit different contrast than what we’re having here. Today’s tip has nothing to do with houses in fact it’s more about winter safety.

When I was younger I was travelling through northern Quebec and my uncle had shared with me that whenever you’re going you’re on a long haul or even short-haul make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car. It’s very important if you get stranded at least you can run the vehicle and it’ll keep you warm.

Okay, make sure you’ve got all the safety features for winter your shovels you know your emergency kits and even roadside assistance is a good idea I think AMA/CAA is a couple hundred bucks a year. So you know well worth the expense. Anyhow stay safe enjoy the weather and get out there and get some tobogganing in.

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