Good morning everyone it’s Pierre, here with Overview Property inspection I want to talk to you guys about foundation cracks the ever-evolving technologies that we have in the industry. Let me show you a couple of things that we’re observing at this particular inspection so here we have a professional crack that’s been repaired by a contractor. So, essentially the theory behind this crack is rather than using a polyurethane injection or an epoxy injection what the contractors are doing now or some are they will put a bead of caulking on top of the crack. They will then install this mesh behind and then cover it with excess amounts of caulking.
So the theory behind this type of repair is that they’re relying on the first line of defense which is the caulking to avoid water intrusion from coming in. Now, should water infiltrate the first line of defense the water is designed to go down the wall and then what they’ll do is a drainage cavity underneath the slab and so if you look closely there’s a DELTA MS underneath the slab and so when they jackhammer on the floor they will put clear rock underneath the slab to allow the water to dissipate on its own now I’ve got a couple of concerns. Check out the video to learn more.
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