Creating a home office requires a bit more than just putting your computer on a desk. Here are 6 ideas for a home office to make the space pleasant and functional.

Command Center

The command center is the space where the action happens. If you have a scanner and printer, this may be the centerpiece of the command center. A large wall calendar will help you keep track of your appointments and meetings. Depending on your work, you may also have a paper shredder, stapler, and mail inbox in this area.

Storage Ideas for a Home Office

Storage is essential for keeping your home office organized. Drawers, filing cabinets, and shelves are all solutions for keeping your essentials out of the way. Even inside of drawers, use smaller compartments to keep things like pens, pencils, and paperclips organized. Without proper organization, your drawers will turn into a jumbled mess.

Clean Desk

You’ll be more relaxed and focused in your home office when your desk is free and clear of clutter. Put items back in their designated storage spot when you are done using them. Only keep the essentials that you use every day on your desk.

Furniture on Wheels

Having your office furniture on wheels can come in handy. You can easily move across the room in your rolling chair to grab documents out of a filing cabinet. Since you spend so much time in your office, you might want to rearrange things periodically. With a desk and chair on wheels, this is easy to do. The wheels have braking mechanisms so the furniture will stay put when you want to keep it stationary.

Ideas for a Home Office: Neutral Colors

The color of the walls sets the mood for your home office. Choose a neutral, calming color for a focused yet calming atmosphere. Keep in mind, you’ll be spending 8+ hours a day in this room, so make sure you won’t get tired of the color.

Natural Light

Many jobs require staring at a computer all day long. Natural light will help offset the blue light from the computer screen. Let the light shine through windows by pulling back the curtains, or get some sheer curtains to diffuse the light while maintaining privacy.

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