If cleaning your house feels overwhelming, it may be time to declutter. A messy, unorganized house feels unsettling. Here are some tips and tricks to declutter your home so you can enjoy your living spaces.

Declutter Your Home, One Area at a Time

Decluttering your home is a big project that will require an investment of time. Decluttering the whole house seems overwhelming, but if you work on this project in small increments, you’ll find that you move through the process quickly. Decide where you will begin. If you have plenty of time, you might spend the entire day decluttering the bathrooms. If you need smaller projects, choose a single bookshelf or one set of drawers to tackle first.

Begin With a Clean Slate

To completely organize a space, it’s best to start with a blank slate. Begin by removing everything from the area you have decided to declutter. Clear out a chest-of-drawers, clean out a bookcase, or empty the entire contents of a single closet. When you clear an area it’s easier to see what kind of space you are working with. You’re better able to sort your belongings when they are out in the open


The next step is usually the hardest in the decluttering process. Sort the items from the area that you chose to work on. Create piles and put your belongings in groups. These will usually include items you’ll keep, things to donate, and trash that needs to be thrown away. If you’re handy, you might also create a pile for things that need to be repaired.

Move Belongings Out

After you’ve sorted everything into piles, get rid of the things that no longer belong in your house. Immediately take out the trash and put your box of donation items in the car. The important part of this step is to get items out of your living spaces. If you saved items to be repaired, put them in a box and label it with the date. Anything that hasn’t been fixed within 6 months should be thrown away.

Organize and Store

After you’ve decluttered, find places to store anything you chose to keep. When everything has a place, you’re more likely to put it back when you’ve finished using it. With fewer things to store, you’ll be able to better organize your living spaces.

Declutter Your Home at Least Twice Every Year

Make it part of your spring and fall cleaning rituals to declutter your home. It’s smart to tackle this process twice a year so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Regular decluttering keeps your home organized.

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