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Overview Tips – Heat Recovery Ventilators

Hello everyone I’m Pierre with Overview Property Inspection, I hope everyone is enjoying the crisp autumn air that's upon us. In the next coming weeks, I’m going to share with you guys a couple of videos for you to be aware of when you're doing a walkthrough with your...

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Overview Tips July 21-2021

Good evening everyone. It's Pierre here with Overview Property Inspection. I want to show you guys something outrageous that I've never seen before. It starts off the hot water heater, okay, so if we look at the hot water heater, it's a three-inch b vent which then...

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Tips from Overview Property Inspection

Hey everyone it's Pierre here with Overview Property Inspection I want to give you guys a friendly reminder. You want to make sure if you have got a high-efficiency appliance to attend to the ice accumulation, especially with this cold snap. It's very common for this...

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Overview Property Inspections’ Weekly Tips!

Good Morning, everyone, it's Pierre with Overview Property Inspection. I'm excited to share something with you guys but I have a question for you first. Have you ever had a home inspector disclaim the roof portion because it's a two-story or three-story roof? Although...

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Old or New All Properties Need an Inspection!

Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! Be sure to make that small investment and get an inspector in that has your best interest in mind. New or Old all homes require an experienced set of eyes with the right tools and equipment to help you see the overall picture of that home...

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Appointments are available on Saturdays and evenings when requested in advance

At Overview Property Inspection, we offer a detail-oriented building inspection that will confirm whether or not a property is built to last, disclosing any existing defects we discover so that you have a clear idea of what to expect from an investment as it currently stands. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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