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The importance of working with a team

  Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! Don't go it alone! We are grateful for all the teams we have the pleasure to work with and their continued support.As you begin your property search be sure to take some time to look at who is part of your team to assure your questions...

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Is having an inspection really that important?

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am inspecting a brand new side by side duplex with legal basement suites and there are renovations that are still occurring. Now, let me show you something that is undergoing with this renovation. You will notice that the builder has elected...

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Bath Fan

​Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! What are you tackling on your to-do list? With more time available to us as Homeowners and investors its a great opportunity to take a closer look at the maintenance items that you have not had the time to address! When was the last time...

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Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! Are you wondering if you should possibly skip the home inspection on a property you are currently pending on? Or are you considering skipping your 11-month warranty? We want all of you to know some of the steps we are taking in relation to...

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Happy Tip Tuesday from Overview Property Inspection!

Happy Tip Tuesday from Overview Property Inspection! Check out this video for a chance to win a free sewer scope with your next property inspection! We are inspecting a relatively old property today and are wondering who might know what the device showed in the video...

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Why you should choose an elevated roof vent!

Check out this video and see the benefits of having elevated roof vents and see why you may have moisture intrusion if you do not! Right Tools! Right Training! The Right Choice! Pierre Papineau CPI Overview Property Inspection

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What type of roof vents do you have?

Happy Tip Tuesday Everyone! I find myself in the attic today as when we were doing a thermal image scan we noticed elevated moisture reading inside the secondary bedroom. The root cause is the roof vent that has been used. That is a perimeter roof vent to allow the...

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Should I get an inspection and sewer scope on a new build?

Hey, everyone, it is Pierre with Overview Property Inspection we are doing an inspection on a brand new house as the clients elected to have an inspection done and also a sewer scope, I am sure glad they did and this is the reason why. This is a brand new property and...

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Appointments are available on Saturdays and evenings when requested in advance

At Overview Property Inspection, we offer a detail-oriented building inspection that will confirm whether or not a property is built to last, disclosing any existing defects we discover so that you have a clear idea of what to expect from an investment as it currently stands. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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