Whether you have just moved into a new home or have lived in your house for a while, you want it to be safe. There are various hazards that may exist throughout your home which may pose a risk to the health and safety of your family. Let’s look at some ways that you can minimize these risks and keep a healthy and safe home.

Radon Levels for a Healthy and Safe Home

A house isn’t healthy and safe to live in if it has high levels of radon. Radon is a naturally-occurring, radioactive gas that can get inside homes and build up to unsafe levels. Prolonged exposure is proven to cause lung cancer. The best way to protect your family from the dangers of radon is to have your home tested for radon by a professional.

Take Measures to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold growth threatens your home and belongings and causes a number of health issues. Keep your home healthy and safe by preventing mold from forming. Reducing moisture, humidity, and water leaks around the house are all important steps to keep mold from growing and spreading.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms for a Healthy and Safe Home

Most homes have smoke alarms, but not everyone remembers to check and maintain them. These devices should be tested once a month and the batteries should be replaced when they are low, even if the unit is hardwired.

Carbon monoxide alarms are also important for keeping a healthy and safe home. Carbon monoxide leaks occur when certain household appliances malfunction and CO gas is undetectable without an alarm. A leak left unchecked can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly.

Keep the Deck Safe

An unstable deck is a serious home safety risk. Even something as seemingly minor as loose railings or balusters can result in a tragedy if someone falls off the deck. Inspect and maintain your deck annually to make sure it is safe to use.

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